What do we do?


Hybrid Cloud Storage

security | privacy | space

The big public cloud companies don’t discriminate when they store your data – everything is just sort of thrown into one big pot.  In other words, the key is stored right next to the treasure chest. 

At ioio, we emphasize handling client information carefully, to keep what you put on the cloud private and secure. Whether you store bank account numbers or secret family recipes, your privacy concerns are our privacy concerns and we’ll make sure they don’t get out. 

With our storage platform, we can leverage multiple cloud providers into one simple solution. ioio is compatible with Azure, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon – so you never have to worry about switching programs to store your data.

Key Features

Scale-able Storage

With space that scales to your needs, you’ll never run out of space again – even when your videos go viral

Program Compatibility

Use the programs you love. Our services are compatible with Azure, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, so you’ll never have to compromise on performance again. 

K8 + Docker

Content Delivery (CDN)

Video Streaming Capabilities

Digital Advertising

innovation | reach | variable data marketing

Advertising is a constantly changing form of marketing. To keep up, you need the ability to put ads anywhere and everywhere. That’s why you have us.

Key Features

Digital Signage

Marketing Services

Data Analytics


software licensing

We’ll build it so you don’t have to. Let us take care of your infrastructure, platform, and software. We’ll work behind the behind-the-scenes, so that you can focus on what’s really important – designing the best product, creating new ideas, and brainstorming the future. 

Key Features


You don’t have the space for a super computer that can handle anything you can think of. Neither do we. That’s why we offer virtual computing to help you run at the highest level.


You want to launch an app, but you don’t want to build and maintain the platform? We can do that. Let us do the behind-behind-the-scenes work so you can focus on the best part.


Here at ioio, we know that you have great stuff. But you need a way to deliver your content, without crashing or having to limit your content because of storage or upload speeds. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.